Types of Eyelash Extension Styles
Natural Eye

The natural lash extensions follow the contour of your natural eyelashes with fairly consistent length across the eyelid and shorter lashes on the inner and outer corners.

Extensions with mixed lengths are applied along the eyes to mimic lashes and to make them look natural.

Cat Eye
This look can be achieved by applying the lashes from the inner corner of the eye up to the outer corner. The length of the lashes gradually increases as you get closer towards the outer corner of the eye.

Wispy Eye
The wispy eye looks alternating lash lengths that rise and fall across the eye to achieve an almost spiky appearance. This is suitable for someone who wants to achieve a dramatic eye look.

Everyone has different eyelash lengths, volumes, and thicknesses. It is vital for the artist to identify these factors And discuss it with you before going through the lash extension procedure.

Here are some Lash Styles Matched With Eye Shapes

Here is a complete guide that matches your eye shape with the perfect eyelash style:

Almond Eyes
Almond eyes are the most alluring and attractive in conventional beauty. Luckily, any lash extension style suits almond eyes. It’s more of personal preference as to which lash style you think is best.

However, the best style would be cat eye style to emphasize the length of your eyes and to give an alluring and mysterious look.

Close Set Eyes
If you aren’t sure what close-set eyes look like, notice the eyes of Jennifer Aniston, Miley Cyrus, and Nicole Kidman.

For close-set eyes, we recommend a natural eye, wispy eye, or cat eye. However, the cat eye tends to be the most popular choice.

The additional length of lashes on the outer corner and gradually shorter length moving towards the inner corner of the eyelid makes the eye look bigger.

Protruding eyes
Protruding eyes are the exact opposite of deep-set eyes. It is characterized by eyes that sit further out of the eye socket.
If your goal is to emphasize the outer corners of the eyes, we suggest a cat eye or natural lash set of extensions.
The extra length and fullness in the outer corner of the eyes simulate an almond shape and can draw more attention to your big and beautiful eyes.

Downturned Eyes
The long wispy and cat eye set is perfect for people with downturned eyes as these styles help lift the eyes creating a dramatic look.
As long as you have the long lashes to support them, you can easily pull off extensions up to 14mm long in that outer corner..

Wide Set Eyes
Grab a measuring tape or a ruler and take note of the distance between your eyes. Take the number and measure the width of one of your eyes. If the second number is smaller than the first, then you have a pair of wide set eyes!
To accent your facial features, especially the shape of your eyes, the natural or long wispy eyelash style is a perfect fit.
Full flared or double tapered lashes with the longest hair in the middle of the eyelid bring attention to the middle of your eyes.

Hooded Eyes
If you have extra skin above the crease of your eyes, then you’ve got a set of hooded eyes. The extra skin can vary greatly from almost indistinguishable to the overlapping hood.
Of course, the natural or the long wispy lash style is highly recommended. This can add fullness and length to the center of the eye.
A natural eye will give your hooded eyes a dramatic look that draws more attention to the center of the eyes.

Upturned Eyes
Upturned eyes are incredibly versatile. It is a type of almond eye wherein the outer corners of the eye lift higher than the inner corner.
A classic cat eye and short wispy set can dramatically emphasize upturned eyes!

Round Eyes
If you think your round eyes are your most dominant feature, you can opt for a natural eye, cat eye, or short wispy eye.

However, the highly suggested recommendation is the cat eye as it adds length to your eye and gives the illusion of an almond shaped eye.

Monolid Eyes
Monolid eyes do not have a visible crease so lash extensions can help achieve the look of bigger and more open eyes.

The natural and long wispy eye set are a perfect match for monolid eyes. You can combine the long wispy set with a cat eye set to emphasize the elongated eye shape.

Additionally, you’ll have to choose lashes with more flare to add drama and openness.

Summing It Up!

As you can see, lash extension styles vary, and choosing the right one depends on certain factors such as eye shape, natural eyelash, and other facial features.

To achieve the perfect eye look, you have to identify the shape of your eyes. The length and volume of your lash extension is also an essential factor as it plays a key role in making your eyes more alluring and attractive.

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