TOP 3 Ways Lucy Chooses The Right Type Of Eyelash Extensions

When choosing the right type of eyelash extensions, Lucy’s Lashes always takes into consideration the face shape, eye size, and purpose of use to ensure that the lashes will meet your needs.

  1. Face shape: If you have a round face, Lucy may choose longer eyelash extensions to create a more slender impression. If you have a square face, long and curved lashes will help create balance for your facial features. If you have a heart-shaped face, you can opt for long and curved lashes to create an alluring look.
  2. Eye size: The size of your eyes is also an important factor when selecting the type of eyelash extensions. If you have small eyes, long and natural-looking lashes will make your eyes appear larger. If you have large eyes, Lucy’s Lashes may choose long and thick lashes to enhance their prominence.
  3. Purpose of use: If you want to use eyelash extensions for daily wear, you can choose natural and lightweight lashes to create a more subtle appearance. If you want to use lashes for a special event, you can opt for thick and curved extensions to make a bolder statement.

Lucy’s lashes always pays attention to the material of the lashes, whether to use natural or synthetic fibers, which lash material will be suitable for your eyes, and the need to choose a lash adhesive that ensures eye safety and provides long-lasting wear.

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