The best eyelash extensions for your eye shape

Eyes are completely unique in terms of their size, shape, depth and colour, so it’s not a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to choosing the right style of lash application. The type of application will depend on the shape of your natural eye. Each set of lash extensions should be customised to each individual for the most flattering look.

Below is a list of common eye shapes and possible application techniques to define and complement the eyes. Let’s find out with LUCY’S LASHES!

Round Eye

You have round or prominent eyes when you have a crease beneath your eye that stands out. Round eye shapes are the curviest eye that fits a wide range of false eyelash or lash extension styles and types. However, curly and long lashes are said to be the best type of eyelash extensions for round eye shape. Multi-layer lashes add round eyes a striking glow. Round eye-shaped people show the complete iris along with most of the white of their eye, unlike other shapes. Celebrities like Katy Perry, Ashley Olsen, and Nicole Richie are famous celebs with round eyes.

* Round eyes should avoid a dolly lash style.

Almond Eye 

When you can see a pointed shape towards the outer edge of the eye, you have almond-shaped eyes. Prominently seen on celebrities like Beyoncé and Kendall Jenner, Almond-shaped eyes look gorgeous from every side. The center of the almond eye-shaped people, as the name suggests of its shape is wide, going narrow towards the edges. An oval shape, almond-shaped eyes need volume lash type. And the best part, almost all the eyelash types, and styles suit almond-shaped eyes.

Epicanthic Folds Eye 

Epicanthic Folds Eye Shape, popularly known as the Asian eyelash type or mono-lidded eye shape, is one of the most complex eye shapes. If you are mono-lidded, you need to add a crease to the eye as it does not inherently have a crease. This eye-shape is easy to be noticed being almost flat-looking on the face.

Multiple layers and volume around the edge of the eyes or all-round-the-eye are required for monolid eyes. Monolid eyes get best transformed with eyelash extensions having both length and flare bringing out the best of results to the look of the eye in ordinance to the face. Adding volume to the lashes on the outer edge of the eyes defines and outlines the monolid eyes better.

Lashes for Hooded Eye Shape

The hooded eyes have skin over the outer edge, and the crease disappearing and adding the right and lengthy false lashes towards the middle of your eye help enhance them and add a bright and deep effect to them. Choosing volume lashes with length and curl along the edges will make the illusion of bigger eyes.

A hooded eye shape is easy to notice as you can see the bag of skin over the eyes, clearly. Blake Lively and Priyanka Chopra Jonas have hooded eye shapes.

*Typically seen among Asians, this type of eye shape doesn’t go well with cat-eye styles as long lashes can poke into the eyelid.

Eyelash Extension for Deep Set Eyes

Think Jennifer Aniston and Kim Kardashian when you think deep-set eyes. Curly eyelash extensions add up to the style and bodily structure to your lashes. Adding extra length to the lash extension will also make your eyes look gorgeous if you’re working with a deep-set eye shape.

Best Eyelashes Based on Eye Shape for a deep-set eye is the curly lash that lifts up towards the edge of the eye.

Lashes for Upturned and Downturned Eyes

The downturned eye shape bends down towards the edge of the eye while the upturned eye is turned up towards the edge of the eye. For both shapes, it is best to go with a cat eyelash extension. Taylor swift has an upturned eye shape and totally rocks the cat-eye extension lashes.

One having an upturned or downturned eye shape can mix two different lengths of lash towards the centre of the eye, grabbing the attention wherever they go.


Although each person’s eyes are shaped differently and everyone has a different taste, some generalizations can be made as to what looks best with each shape. It is best advisable to leave the selection of the right set of lashes on your lash expert/technician, well of course after briefing him about your requirements. The above tips go for both extensions and falsies. 

If you are looking for a professional eyelash extension only salon, please visit LUCY’S LASHES. We have a consultation room to explain in details about your specific eyelash needs. Our experienced lash stylists will provide you a free consultation before you decide to have your first set of lash extensions. We believe that you will get a beautiful new set of lash extensions that will enhance your eyes and your beauty!

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