The Best Eyelash Extension Products

1) Lashes

The entire process is dependent on the lashes used for extensions. Keep these attributes in mind when stocking up to enhance the look of your client’s eyelashes:

  • Material – When selecting lashes, ensure that they are made from non-irritating material. Although the synthetic material is cheaper, it is rough and can destroy natural lashes
  • Length – If you have a close look at your natural lashes, you will notice that every lash is not of the same length.
  • Curl – To add dimension and drama, you will have to choose lashes having different curls. The curl rods determine the extent to which the lash arc upward. For a natural and straight look, the J-curls are the best. They slightly curl at the end. For more oomph and drama, choose the C-curl rods that arch more steeply.

2) Tweezers

  • Tip – The tip of the tweezers must be pointed to isolate the lashes.
  • Size – The tweezers you choose must be perfect for your hands – neither too small nor too large. 
  • Tension – You need to note the tension capability of your tweezers.

3) Lash adhesive

Be very careful while choosing your lash glue
 the lashes must be correctly placed onto the natural lashes
Lashing creams and adhesives start losing their effectiveness when exposed to the air, single-use packets or bottles to avoid experiencing loss of potency with every use.

4) Disposables 

Many products that you use during a lashing session may be used for one time. You might have to replenish them regularly. Don’t compromise the comfort and quality of these items for you or your client. Keep a stock of these lashing goods at all times.

Eye pads , Eye tape, Lash ring, Headbands , Sponges

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