The benefits of Eyelashes Extensions!

For some people the care for our eyelashes is not needed, and for others it is the essential for life.

 What are Lash Extensions?

Eyelash extensions are attached to natural eyelashes. It is made with semi-permanent synthetics fibers.  The individuals eyelashes hair is puts on with using semi-permanent glue.  There is different type of variations of eyelashes style you can go for, from the curl patterns to even how much volume you would like to have.


What are the types of eyelash extension will work for you?

Eyelashes materials is made from using synthetic fiber to silk. So if you want to use a specific preference of use, be specific on the request you want. If you are vegan or allergic to animals. there is certain types of extension will not works best for you.


The Benefits of Eyelashes Extension:

  • You can customize it!
  • It is waterproof!
  • It is pain-free!


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