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Eyelash extensions aren’t difficult to look after necessarily but there are few aftercare points to be aware of:

You can’t get the extensions wet for 24 hours or be near anything particularly hot

To enable the glue to set properly, you can’t get your eyelash extensions wet, such as having a shower, or be near anything hot, such as opening an oven and letting your face be near hot steam for 24 hours after getting your eyelashes done. It’s not a big deal but something to be aware of.

Brush them with a spoolie

To ensure your eyelashes remain looking wispy, you need to brush them with a spoolie. After you’ve slept, your eyelashes can look a bit wonky, so it’s just a case of fanning them out with the spoolie. The same goes for after you’ve had a shower. You need to be gentle when you do this.

You can’t use oil-based products on your eyelashes

Oil-based products, like cleansing oils, will weaken the eyelash glue and means they will fall out quicker. This means no oil-based products around your eyes to ensure your eyelashes stay on as long as possible. If you love oil-based products for removing eye makeup, this is a point you need to consider. Honestly, this is a drawback for me as I do love oil-based products to remove eye makeup, so I’ve missed this.

Washing your face requires more care

You can’t rub your eyes when you’ve got extensions as this can lead to eyelashes falling out faster. So when you wash your face, you need to be cautious. Also, don’t unnecessarily get your lashes wet as, again, this will just mean your extensions don’t last as long. I’ve got to admit, I do miss rubbing my eyes!

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