One of the ways of eyelash extensions that cannot be ignored is Natural Eyelash Extensions

If the eyes are likened to the window to the soul, then the eyes are the decorative curtain for that window of the soul. Eyelids are not only a part of the eye to protect and protect the eyes, but also have the function of beautifying, and enhancing the charm and attractiveness of the eyes. Especially for women, a beautiful pair of eyes must have long, thick, and curved eyelashes, creating a sense of depth and clarity, from which every woman’s gaze is divine. The arrogant and graceful spirit reflects not only the outer beauty but also the inner beauty.

Therefore, many girls have tried to improve the length of their eyelashes by applying mascara or applying false eyelashes just to get the desired eyelashes. Those are the things you can do when your makeup and eyelashes are only long and beautiful for a short time until you remove your makeup. A method to help girls own long, curled eyelashes day after day, regardless of makeup or not, indoors or out, saving time and reasonable costs, is eyelash extensions.

And one of the eyelash extensions that cannot be ignored is Natural Lashes

The eyelash extension of this look is to make the lashes look natural. To make your eyes one of the lucky few to have long and full lashes.

This lash extension will follow the same line as your natural lashes.The length should be quite suitable for the eyelids. With a few fewer lashes connected at the inner tip of the eye and the outer tail. Eyelash extensions are of mixed length right along the eye. To mimic lashes in all stages of the natural growth cycle.

The thickness of the eyelashes should also be natural. The number of lashes is also not too much. So that when looking at the eyes there is still a highlight, making our eyes look more beautiful and fuller. However, it doesn’t look heavy. The opposite person does not realize that we are eyelash extensions. A pair of eyes with a natural look but not lacking in charm.

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Make your mark in more subtle ways – with small enhancements to your natural beauty.



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