Let’s Brush Your Lashes and Extensions


  • When you brush your extensions, you can help to remove any dust, pollen, oils, or eye makeup that may accumulate on the lashes throughout the day. Brushing dislodges those particles more effectively than your daily wash and rinse, preventing buildup over time.
  • Daily brushing can remove bacteria that could cause irritation of the eyes or even infection. To avoid those problems, make sure to use a mild cleaner, clear water rinse, and a clean lash brush to gently comb through your lashes and extensions.
  • Brushing is also an important part of your overall lash maintenance routine. When you brush each day, you can help to keep your lashes and extensions from becoming tangled, bent, or unkempt. That will ensure that you maintain their aesthetic appeal, while preventing them from suffering unnecessary damage or wear and tear.


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