Eyelashes Falling Out After a Lash Lift – Causes & Recovery

The chances of your lashes falling out because of a lash lift are small. However, you will have to do everything that is needed from your side to ensure it doesn’t happen and understand the natural lifespan of your eyelashes.

Why Do Lash Lifts Make Your Eyelashes Fall Out?

There are three reasons your lashes might fall out, most of which do not even link to a lash lift.

1.They are not conducting a consultation to find out the history of eye treatments or if you might have any skin irritations or sensitivity.

2.Choosing the wrong shield or rod size for your eye shape and lash length.

3.Fail to perfect the placement of the shield or rod. If it is too far from the lash line, some chemicals can come into your eyes, causing problems other than eyelashes falling out.

Your Eyelashes Has A Certain Lifetime. When you think your lashes are falling out because of a lash lift, first analyze it accordingly by the stages of your lash growth, and then you can decide if it is natural or maybe because of chemicals.

 You might be doing things as daily habits that might be causing your lashes to fall out prematurely.

Eyelash curlers – If you press these curlers down on your lashes repeatedly, it will cause physical damage to the hairs and break them.

Stress – Just like you lose hair on your head because of stress, you also lose eyelashes. The stress hormones push the hair into the Telogen phase prematurely.

Rubbing your lashes – rubbing or pulling on them will weaken the follicles and make them fall out. Try to avoid this and be gentle when removing eye makeup.

Wearing eye makeup overnight – not removing your eye makeup thoroughly before bed will cause the hair shaft to clog and not receive nutrients.

What to Do if Your Eyelashes Fall Out After a Bad Lash Lift

I would also recommend using a lash serum to help nourish your lashes. There is clinical data showing that eyelash growth serums do indeed work and provide good results. If your eyelashes are beyond repair and have all fallen out, you unfortunately just have to wait for them to grow back. This usually takes around 4-6 weeks.

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