Do Eyelash Extensions Really Lose Eyelashes?

Whether you have short eyelashes or you want to add some volume, eyelash extensions are a great way to draw attention to your beautiful eyes.

In fact, the process of performing eyelash extensions will also more or less cause natural eyelashes to fall out. Each person will have a different shedding situation. However, the extent of eyelashes falling out is only a very small amount, equal to the amount of natural eyelashes that fall out periodically.

The reason why real eyelashes fall out a lot after eyelash extensions?

Here are some reasons why real eyelashes fall out a lot after eyelash extensions:

  • The person performing eyelash extensions is weak, inexperienced, does not follow the correct procedure and manipulation of eyelash extensions. 
  • Using eyelash glue containing Formaldehyde causes irritation or loss of eyelashes. This glue even causes swelling of the eyelids that are difficult to treat.
  • Eyelash attachment tools are not sterilized, thoroughly cleaned, causing bacteria and dirt to stick to real eyelashes, making them sticky, falling, and broken.
  • Living habits after eyelash extensions are not suitable. Maybe after doing eyelash extensions, you are still not used to long, thick eyelashes, so you often rub your hands, lie face down on the pillow,…so on.

Can lost eyelashes grow back?

According to experts, the problem of losing eyelashes due to eyelash extensions will regrow or not depends much on your current eyelash condition:

  • In case you just had eyelash extensions and your eyelashes fall out due to irritation, or even done at a poor quality place. If treated in time, eyelashes will grow back normally.
  • In the case that you continuously apply eyelash extensions, and make the eyelid walls more sensitive and weaker, the hair follicles are also severely damaged. The growing eyelashes will be thin, sparse, lifeless and at risk of falling back very quickly. Many eyelashes that have not yet grown through the skin have been broken or fallen.
  • Eyelashes that fall out will still grow back at the eyelash follicle. But the condition of your eyelashes, weak or healthy, is up to you. To have a strong re-growing eyelash after connecting, try to take care of the eyelashes, nourish them from the outside and inside. It is important that you choose a reputable eyelash extension address.

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