Can you put mascara on eyelash extensions?

Are you asking yourself can you put mascara on eyelash extensions? Do you put mascara on fake lashes?

If you splurged on eyelash extensions, you don’t need to wear mascara. Your lashes will look great without it, and you can get away with fewer makeup products in general. But, if you just can’t break the habit or simply want to add more drama, putting mascara on eyelash extensions is possible as long as you follow proper protocol. 

Types of mascara to wear with lash extensions

Whether you’re wearing synthetic, silk or mink faux lashes, your mascara should glide smoothly across their surface – sleek and flawless as you please. Here’s a list of the least damaging kinds to use.

Water-based mascara

Water-based mascara is the creme de la creme when it comes to mascara for lash extensions. Because it lacks oily and waxy substances (which most mascaras on the market contain), it won’t ruin your lashes or dissolve the bonding agents in your lash glue.

Oil-free mascara

Oils also dissolve the glue your lash extensions use to stick to your natural lashes, so avoid it at all costs. When looking at mascara ingredients, make sure there are absolutely no oils listed. If it says oil-free on the package, you found a keeper. Also, watch out for any silicone ingredients.

The right mascara brush

When it comes to mascara brushes, avoid the kinds that have a harsh grip. Many mascaras spoolies tend to include intricate brush bristles that cling to your lashes because this guarantees a thicker coating on natural lashes. You don’t want that same effect on lash extensions because the tugging and pulling it produces can damage extensions and the natural lashes they’re glued to.

Disposable mascara spoolies, like the kind you get at Ulta to try out different products, are the best kind of brush to use on your extensions. They’re also insanely cheap and easy to come by.

How to put mascara on eyelash extensions

  • Start with a clean face.
  • Wash your lashes with an eyelash extension cleanser like a foaming shampoo.
  • Gently comb them with a small lash comb or disposable mascara spoolie. (Avoid pulling or tugging).
  • Have your water-based or oil-free formula ready and apply it to your lash extensions with the same motion you would to your natural lashes (avoid the base and only apply the product from the middle of your lashes to the tips).

How to remove mascara from eyelash extensions

Oil-Free Makeup Remover

The safest way to remove mascara is to use a gentle, oil-free makeup remover. Oil based removers will weaken the extensions and cause them to break and shed. Use a few pumps of the remover on a spoolie brush or a disposable mascara wand and brush through several times to help break down your mascara and remove any debris.

Study Those Formulas

Only use mascaras and cleansers specifically formulated to be safe for eyelash extensions. If you are making an investment in extensions in the first place, you surely don’t want to see them go to waste.

Avoid Fiber Mascara

Avoid fiber mascaras. The body-building fibers will get tangled in your lash extensions and be virtually impossible to remove without ruining your lashes.

Be Gentle

Be gentle with your lashes. Never, ever use a mechanical eyelash curler with lash extensions. They tend to bend the lash and can also rip and pull lash extensions, as well as regular lashes out from the base. 

Can you put mascara on lash extensions? Definitely yes, and now that you know the right way, go out and amp up your lash look by getting an extension-friendly mascara.

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