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Summer for Your Lash Extensions

They often avoid hot tubs, showers, and swimming pools – for fear that those gorgeous extensions will simply fall off when they make contact with the water. After all, how can you keep them clean and avoid infection and irritation if you never get them wet? We encourage you to gently wash and rinse them daily to remove debris, sweat, and bacteria that could create problems if left unaddressed.

Do’s and Don’ts of Eyelash Extensions

Try not to touch them much, particularly during the first few hours.
Keep them as dry as possible for at least 24-36 hours. ( use only lukewarm water, and keep water off your eyes).
 Try to stay out of the heat. This also includes avoiding steamy environments, very hot showers, spas, saunas, etc. for 24 hours as a minimum.
After the 24-hour mark, they are technically waterproof, but they probably won’t last quite as long as if you didn’t.
Make sure you are using oil-free products on your face, particularly eye makeup removers and cleansers.
Clean them properly, at least a few times a week with a foaming lash cleanser.



Lucy’s Lashes is a professional full service eyelash extension salon in Yorba Linda, CA. We
specialize in individual natural lash extensions, cluster lashes and other extra services such as colorful
rainbow lashes, 3D volume lashes and removal lash service. We provide many different lash styles
for you to choose: cat-eyes, crown eyes, and natural-beauty looks.

Boost Your Beauty and Confidence with Eyelash Extensions

In the pursuit of beauty and confidence, eyelash extensions have become a popular choice for many women. These tiny yet transformative additions can dramatically enhance the appearance of your eyes, giving you a natural yet glamorous look that boosts your confidence. Let’s delve into how eyelash extensions contribute to beauty and self-assurance.

The Beauty of Eyelash Extensions: Enhancing Every Woman’s Natural Charm

In the realm of beauty, the eyes hold a captivating power. They are not only windows to the soul but also the focal point of one’s face. Every woman desires to accentuate her eyes, seeking that mesmerizing allure that turns heads and captures hearts. Among the myriad of beauty trends, one stands out for its ability to enhance natural beauty seamlessly – eyelash extensions.

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