Asked Questions about Eyelash Extensions

“How long will my eyelash extension application take?”

we recognize that everyone’s lashes are different. The amount of time that any treatment can take depends on a variety of factors. We do recommend that you try to have at least an hour free in your schedule, especially if you are coming in for a full set of extensions.

“Is the process safe?”

Our eyelash extensions and the application process used in our treatments are 100% safe.

“Are your technicians properly certified and licensed?”

Each of our estheticians and cosmetologists are certified professionals licensed to provide beauty care in California State. We use only the best professionals to ensure that you always get the best eyelash extensions in Yorba Linda City!

“How long will my set of lashes last?”

Your extensions will typically last anywhere from one to two months – if you stick to your aftercare regimen.

“Will my natural eyelashes be damaged by the extensions?”

Your natural eyelashes are protected throughout the application process. Of course, don’t pluck or pull out the extensions, or damage them by rubbing your eyelashes. If you can adhere to those recommended care guidelines, your natural eyelashes will remain healthy and undamaged.

“Is it okay to use mascara or a curler on my extensions?”

All our eyelash extensions come pre-curled, so they should never need curling. We do not recommend using curlers or mascara. The removal of any mascara product carries with it the potential for damaging your extensions.

“What age do you have to be?”

If you are under 18 of age must have parent/legal guardian signature

“Do you offer brow service as well?”

We do Eyelash extension only.

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